HFF 2016June 8 - 10, 2016 Mantra Lorne, Victoria

Speaker Presentations

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Marcus Van Heyst Presentation Scott Mathew Presentation

Marcus Van Heyst
The Next Step for Berries

Scott Mathew
Application: The Simple Things in Life Make it Easier, but are often Overlooked

Dave wignall

Jan Dijkman HFF conference June 2016

David Wignall
Medical Cannabis in Australia

Jan Dijkman
LED Lighting - taking growing up a step

Bryce Gilhrist Presentation Handout

don grant

Bryce Gilchrist
Turning the business around

Don Grant
To recall of not to recall

 Sophie parks

james altmann 

Sophie Parks & Lorraine Spohr
Do your own research on-farm

James Altmann
Whitefly control with Nesidiocoris - 'Friend and foe'

 Nicky Mann Nuffield

Nicky Mann Surviving and striving 

Nicky Mann
Intensive berry production using greenhouses, substrates and hydroponics

Nicky Mann
Surviving and striving in the Australian hydroponic flower industry